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Linden Appel

Linden Appel served the Kansas Department of Corrections over 34 years as legal counsel, in various positions, prior to his retirement on July 1, 2018 from the position of Chief Legal Counsel. In that position, Mr. Appel supervised the staff members of the Legal and Policy Division of the Department, responsible for provision of legal services to employees of the Department across a wide range of legal practice areas, as well as for promulgation of departmental administrative regulations, department-level internal management policies and procedures, and review of facility-level general orders. Mr. Appel routinely reviewed numerous RFPs, RFIs, and contracts for goods and services, including inmate health care contracts, over a period of more than twenty years, and provided advice and consultation regarding contract negotiations, including drafting of memoranda, opinions, and contract revisions.

Mr. Appel litigated many cases involving inmate claims of inadequate medical care and treatment, as well as supervising other lawyers serving as counsel of record for defendants in such claims. He also convened and reviewed department-level Serious Incident Review Board proceedings covering various incidents over a span of fifteen years, many with medical and/or behavioral health care and treatment implications.

Contact Linden at 785-246-6840.

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