Correctional Healthcare

Health Strategies

Providing Community Standards
of Healthcare in a
Correctional Environment


VitalCore’s leadership is  comprised of health professionals, administers and security operations professionals from the field of corrections with over 200 years of combined experience. They have managed correctional healthcare services and state mental health systems.

Why Choose

VCHS’s clinical team is a national leaders in correctional healthcare. They continuously raise the standard for correctional healthcare by successfully meeting goals and expectations and constantly strive for good outcomes for all patients.


VitalCore strives for clinical excellence and positive outcomes for all patients. VitalCore staff utilize a number of technical and interpersonal knowledge and skills to do so, including: diagnostic acumen; professionalism and humanism; communication skills; experience negotiating the healthcare system; medical knowledge; and a scholarly approach to clinical practice, all while following national standards.

WELCOME to VitalCore

Redefining Healthcare

VitalCore Health Strategies started with a vision of bringing quality care and a humanist approach to the correctional healthcare industry. VitalCore’s focus on values and improving the quality of life for patients is redefining correctional healthcare and healthcare in other institutionalized settings.



Quality Services

Our patient-first approach means we deliver safe and high-quality healthcare that mitigates risks to our clients

Advanced Technology

VitalCore utilizes safe, clinically effective, cost-efficient, and proven breakthrough healthcare technologies. 

Cost Containment

VitalCore controls costs by ensuring that  patients receive the correct care the first time.

News and Events

VitalCore’s leadership, clinical team, field staff, and clients are continuously advancing and transforming correctional  healthcare. VitalCore continues to educate the correctional industry at national forums and local community events.

Facility Accreditation and Staff Certification

VCHS invests in facility accreditation and staff certification programs for clients and staff who are interested. VCHS is committed to enhancing education for  healthcare staff through certification and in continuing national exemplary practices in the field of accreditation.

Career Opportunities

  A career in correctional health is a career with purpose and one that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. Join VitalCore and transform your career. VCHS provides the opportunity for career advancement and for continued education. Be a part of a winning team that cares.