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Redefining healthcare


We raise the bar. Here’s how.

We formed this company to make a difference. After years of leading correctional institutions – and their oversight boards – we know there’s a better way. We know how to deliver safe, high-level healthcare at a lower cost. We know how to attract and retain top talent. We know how to partner with leaders in and out of the institution. We know the value of a top-notch telehealth program.

We know that the corrections industry deserves well-run healthcare – and we’re here to make that happen.

Who We Are

We’re caregivers and doers. We’re difference-makers and industry-disruptors. We’re people who are fueled by passion. At VitalCore, we come to work ready to do whatever it takes to care for our patients – and do the right thing the first time. Meet some of our leaders, and tap on their picture to learn more:

Viola Riggin, BHSA, CHSA, CCE

Chief Executive Officer

Craig D. Hanson, CPM

Chairman of the Board

Lorelei Ammons, PsyD

President of Clinical Affairs

Linden Appel

Chief Legal Counsel

Machaela Geither

Executive Assistant

Roger Haden

Director of Marketing

David McKune


What We Do

Oversight of Healthcare Services

Our decades of experience monitoring, mentoring and managing health care services means we have deep insight into the type of steady approach that results in prudent, safe processes. We understand the challenges inherent in overseeing complicated healthcare systems. Our partnership will help you assess the issue and determine the best solution. At VitalCore, we get results.

Correctional Healthcare Services

We’ve gathered the industry’s brightest leaders to help us redefine the way correctional healthcare is delivered. We’ve been where you are, so we know the value of a well-run system. Our patient-first approach ensures safe, high-quality care aimed at optimizing outcomes and mitigating risk. We focus on preventive care, outcomes-based behavioral services – and treating the whole patient.

Behavioral Health Services

We treat people, not behaviors. Our innovative approach includes trauma-informed care, outcomes-based treatment and interventions that align with treatment goals. We understand the critical role behavioral health services play in any health ecosystem, but especially within an institution. Our thoughtful approach gets results, which reverberates throughout the organization.

State Hospital Services & Accreditation

We have a proven track record of turning around struggling healthcare systems, moving them from flailing to flourishing. We also keep strong systems thriving, helping them build on their strengths. At VitalCore, our approach works. We fully assess the processes in providing care, compare the outcomes to current industry standards, and develop detailed actions for positive change and maintenance.


The need for safe, quality healthcare never stops – and neither do we. At VitalCore, we offer on-demand, 24-7 access to top physicians, specialists and medical consultants through our premier Telehealth Services. Our telehealth services ensure efficient, effective healthcare, no matter your location. We partner with the medical team at George Washington University to provide quality care. All the time. Everywhere.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Our wide-ranging service models are comprehensive, focus on prevention, and include medication assisted strategies of treatment at all sequential intercepts. VitalCore has implemented interventions and practices to address behaviors leading to substance use and re-incarceration. Curricula used for the treatment program incorporates cognitive-behavioral techniques to change high-risk thinking and behavior.

We believe that how we work matters.

At VitalCore, we get the job done. But checking off a task list isn’t the only thing that matters. We value how we work because respect is at the center of all we do.

Our Values and how we live them:

  • Raise the Bar

    Good enough is never good enough for us. At VitalCore, we’re constantly raising the bar – on ourselves, our work and our expectations. We started this company to make a difference and that’s what we do. We come to work striving to be our best self – and empower everyone we work with to be the same.

  • Think Team First

    We do more than just work together: We support each other. At VitalCore, we have a team-first attitude. We approach every day and every task with the attitude that we’re all working toward the same goal – to put the patient first. We leave our silos and egos at the door. We celebrate our wins together and we work on improvements together. That’s what happens when you’re powered by people who care.

  • Always Be Accountable

    We do our best to deliver our best, which means we hold ourselves accountable for the results. Being accountable means using our resources – money and time – with care and consideration. We recognize the incredible trust people place in our hands and we treat it with incredible respect.

  • Be Humble. Be Honest.

    We make decisions and we act with humility and transparency. When you put the patient first, there’s no room for personal or corporate arrogance. There’s only room for integrity. We’re not afraid to have the tough talks because we know that we’re all on the same team, trying to do our best, and hold ourselves accountable for the results. That’s what it means to work at VitalCore.

Join us.

We’re always looking for experienced healthcare professionals who share our patient-first philosophy. Check out our job openings – and our best-in-class benefits package. Training. Pay aimed at retention. A 401 K. We’ve got it all.

VitalCore: Powered by people who care.

The VitalCore Advantage



Each VitalCore leader comes with a 20-plus year track record in corrections, from running institutions to monitoring services. We know what quality looks like.


We’ve seen how preventive medicine leads to healthier patients, fewer risks and lower costs. We put our energy where it matters most.


We hire experience and commitment, then focus on continuous learning. Our benefits package exceeds industry standards. Hire. Train. Retain. That’s our philosophy.


When experience meets innovation, great things happen. That’s why we build partnerships that bring the most current ideas to our work.


We started VitalCore for the sole reason to bring good management, care and oversight to correctional healthcare. We’re here to make a difference by being different.


At VitalCore, we’re so committed to quality control that we’ve built in outside-peer review for each contract. This innovative approach will help ensure strong oversight every step of the way.


Our years of boots-on-the-ground experience – running institutions, leading oversight boards – taught us how to manage a lean budget without sacrificing quality.


At VitalCore, we’re straight shooters. Whether we’re discussing costs or how to navigate a sticky situation, we speak openly, respectfully and honestly. That’s the VitalCore way.


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